torsdag 17 november 2011

Something I wrote.

First page:

Some people feels sorry for me since "It's sad that you can't make a living on art".
 I want to tell all of them that I never could live without making art. It is my way of livinig.
To have money dosn't equal living.
My work is about humanity, body and mind. Life...-experience.
Absence and presence. Beauty meets it's opposites. Inbetween states.
Art is languages without words. And worlds based on perception and
fantasy that are placed in "reality".
What you see is what you get. What I make might not be what you see.
some people seems to think that art isn't necessary. That it's just a waste of time. That artists are lazy people who don't want to work, just wanna have fun.

First of all I feel bad for feeling sorry for theese people. (it's not my loss...) Second of all the most hardworking people I know are artists. And last of all being an artist is far from fun all the time. I think I dare to say that if your not willing to put your work first in life, you will never become an artist.
Most days I think my decision of becoming an artist is the best decision I have ever made.
However, some days I have my doubts. Those days I dream of changing path totally and become a truckdriver in highheals and polkadot dresses driving through Europe to pick up exotic fruits.

Second page:

I believe in
wonderlands, fantasies, fariytales.
I also believe in late mornings.
Aswell as late nights. I believe in hard work.
I believe in taking a day of. I believe in love, lust and friendship.
One of my favourite feelings is passion.
Some days I think my sadness will kill me but sadness is an inspiration.
I only hate 03 things in life. Bananas, mice and 01 person.
I dislike alot but likes even more.
I deal with life by drawing, drinking coffee, walking or singing in the shower.
My favourite word is probably "landsväg", coulor pink ('cause black dosn't count..)
and if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life I would come up with a recipe for spagetti with chocolate. Life without one of them is no life.
And I wish I never had to use a public toilet again...

(Nu känner jag att jag måste skriva: Jag vet. Allt det där om konsten är inte sant. Fast det var det en pytteliten stund i mitt huvud innan jag tänkte längre. Självklart kan ord vara konst tex och det behöver inte vara en värld. Inte heller behöver det vara det du ser. Äsch ni alla vet vad jag menar.)

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